Andrew James Nicholas Geoffrey

Andrew’s First Year at School – Lessons Learnt

Just found this post sitting in my drafts waiting for me to publish. It was actually written at the end of January! Not sure why I didn’t just publish it at the time but I think I was meaning to go back and edit my spelling mistakes. Anyway, more updates to follow shortly.

As I write this there are only a few days until Andrew starts his second year at school – Year 1. When I look back at his Prep year I am amazed that it is all over already. It seemed to go so quickly! I must say that I am extremely proud of how well he did and his report card at the end of the year justifies my pride and his teacher confirms he did great. Having sent him to daycare from the age of one, I believed that he would adjust to school fairly easily and fit in well, even though he didn’t know anyone going to that school. On the whole this assumption was correct but as I should have expected there were a few surprises along the way. After a very short time we realised that Andrew had an excellent teacher. She was just what Andrew needed – firm but caring. It was at our first proper student/teacher interview in May that we first got the sense that something wasn’t quite going to plan. His teacher brought it to our attention that Andrew was having real difficulty concentrating in class. She had mentioned it to me in the past when I was dropping Andrew off or picking him up but I had dismissed it a little thinking it was quite normal and that I guess a lot of kids were the same. At the interview I actually realised that she thought it was a little more serious than that. She expressed concern that he may have been having petit mal seizures. These are a medical condition, also call absence seizures, which involves a brief, sudden lapse of consciousness. The teacher was having so much trouble getting Andrew’s attention that she thought he was totally out of it! She asked whether we’d noticed anything like this happening at home and we agreed it was difficult to get his attention sometimes but hadn’t noticed anything like a seizure. In any case we agreed to see a paediatrician and get an EEG (brain wave scan) and see if there was anything medical wrong with him. There wasn’t. The Paed said that he was being a normal 5 year old boy. He said he’d be happy to see him again towards the end of the year if we wanted but as far as he was concerned there wasn’t anything to worry about at this stage. He said he’d likely grow out of the behaviour and by the end of the year his teacher was also satisfied that it had improved. The way I’ve written this it sounds like Andrew’s teacher over-reacted but it wasn’t like that at all. She just wanted to make sure we knew what was happening and to give us an option to look in to it if we wanted. We were not forced to see a paed, we just chose to follow up on it at the time instead of waiting to see if got worse or affected his schooling any more.

One of the lovely things for me about Andrew’s first year at school was that I made some really lovely friends with the other Mums from his class. Some of them work and some are stay at home Mums but getting together for a coffee with them on occasion has been just great. I also got to get to know the kids a bit better in last term when I went in and helped out with group work in class on Mondays. I also found this to be such a great way to gauge how well Andrew was doing compared to his peers. In general he’s probably about average in most areas and maybe a little above in a few things. His language and communication skills I think have always been one of his strong points and he continues to do well with this. He also loves anything to do with numbers and loves counting and doing sums aloud when he’s in the car.

At the start of the school year I worked Mon-Thurs from 9am-2pm so that I could drop the boys off to school and daycare and pick them both up in the afternoon. Andrew’s school is about a minute around the corner from our house and Nick’s daycare was about 15 minutes away but on my way to work. That meant that I would drop Andrew then Nick and reverse on the way back. Nick adjusted at the beginning of Andrew starting school really well. He loved walking up to school with Andrew and waiting outside his classroom with the other kids to be let in and was fine at saying goodbye to Andrew and going to daycare. And it was the same at the end of the day when it was time to go and pick Andrew up. So I was a little surprised when about second term Nick started kicking up a huge fuss at the end of every day when it was time to walk up to school from the car to get Andrew. He starting having the biggest tantrums and refusing to get out of the car. He would yell and scream and I couldn’t work out why this was happening. Of course being 3 years old he couldn’t explain it to me either. I was always picking him up just after he’d woken up from his nap so I didn’t really think it was because he was tired but it really started to frustrate me and I wasn’t sure how to fix it. After much thought and consideration we ended up moving him to another daycare centre closer to home so I could drop him off first and pick him up last. This wasn’t the only reason for doing this but it certainly made everyone’s life a bit better. Then in August was another big change – I went from working 4 short days to 3 longer days. This meant that Nick was in daycare one less day a week and Andrew went to After School Hours Care for 2 days a week and Mum picked him up on Thursdays. This has worked much better for everyone. At work I was finding it difficult to get anything completed before 2pm and it saved us some money by having Nick in care one less day a week. That whole work/life balance really seems to have it’s equilibrium right now.

Andrew James Nicholas Geoffrey

Andrew’s first ‘concert’ and other bits

On Thursdays Andrew has music with Mrs Sweetman at school. Last week she asked if anyone could play something on the piano and Andrew shot his hand straight in the air “so fast” that Mrs Sweetman chose him. He then proceeded to play Twinkle Twinkle in front of his whole class and at the end they all clapped and Mrs Sweetman said that it was terrific! When Andrew was telling me about this at the end of the day I asked him how it made him feel when everybody clapped for him, and he said “I was so happy that I got watery eyes.” That made me so happy that I got watery eyes. I was just so proud of him that he was willing to get up and do that in front of his whole class. I guess he’s adjusting pretty well to life at school.

In something totally unrelated, I noticed recently that Andrew has stopped sucking his fingers when he’s sitting around. I’ve only occasionally heard it when he’s trying to go to sleep. Another thing that school has helped with I think and also he’s probably just growing out of it.

Speaking of growing, Andrew also surprised me last weekend when he saw some older boys from down the road playing handball on the street. He asked if it was ok to go and talk to them. I said yes and went with him at first. After introductions were made Andrew was invited to play with them so I reluctantly left him to it and kept an eye on him from the garage. The boys were very nice and included him so I wasn’t worried about that, just the fact that it was on the road! We do live in a quiet street and they were very quick at getting off the road when a car came, but it was one of those moments when I realise just how much he’s grown.

Nothing much new with Nicholas, except he’s started putting his fingers in his mouth a lot and talking to us with them still in there. I really don’t like this and I can’t understand him when he does it so I’m getting very sick of saying “Take those fingers out of your mouth!” Hopefully persistance will pay off. He’s also had a couple of days again this week where he really hasn’t wanted to go to daycare and I had to leave him crying one day, which really makes me sad. However, he also becoming quite independant. He likes to get dressed by himself all the time now and get his own cup and bowl and cereal out. Very cute!

Andrew James Nicholas Geoffrey

Andrew’s first day at School

Andrew had his first day at school today – although it was really only a couple of hours. St Joseph’s really likes to ease them in to it – and I mean reeeeeeeeeeeally ease them in. Today he was only there from 9am until about 10.30am but he wanted to wear his school uniform anyway so tooks some pics before we left this morning and then a couple at school. There’s one of his school bag and hat in his locker – or ‘port rack’ as it is also called up here, and another of him looking in his classroom window – bit cute. The kids all got sent off to one classroom and all the parents to another one. We were then given the run-down on times for pick up and drop off and when lunch and snack times were etc.

Nick has been to daycare the last couple of days and I have taken Andrew along to say goodbye so he understands what happening. Had a few tears from Nick yesterday but he was all good this morning so hopefully we won’t have too much trouble next week when it’s all full-on.

Andrew’s not back to school again until Friday and then only from 8.30 – midday. Nick will walk with us up to school that day and see where Andrew’s going so hopefully that will help him understand what’s happening too.

So, all good so far.

Nicholas Geoffrey

Toilet trained overnight

It feels like we’ve been toilet training Nick forever! He started going for a wee in the toilet when he was nearly 2 1/2 years old and did well at daycare but was often having accidents at home, and there were lots of accidents with poos which I just don’t handle well at all! Anyway, not long before he his thrid birthday we could say he was toilet trained with the occasional accident and just wore a nappy at night time. Yesterday the boys had an early bath so after it I put the boys summer jammies on with just undies on Nick. I was planning on putting his nappy on him when he went to bed but totally forgot! Then I didn’t realise he’d had undies on all night and for an hour this morning until I went to get him dressed in his swimmers ready for their swimming lesson. I couldn’t believe it! He had not had an accident at all! I checked his bed too but everything was dry and didn’t smell at all and he did a huge wee in the toilet. I’m going to try it again tonight and see how we go. Andrew only took a couple of months to go from being toilet trained to going overnight without an accident too so maybe this is going to work!

Hope so!




Daniel and I have been trying to lose our ‘winter coat’ this week. We’ve both put on a few kilos over the last few months so we’ve really been trying and watching our calorie intake this week. Dan’s been making healthy salads for lunch and we’ve been back to basics with our weekly menu plan. I’ve also started getting up early and going for a walk a few days a week. I get up a bit before 6am and walk for about half hour at a good pace. Then on Wednesday I’ve got about half way and decided to run up the little hill, which I managed to do without dying so ran the rest of the way home. It felt really good! About a year and a half ago I was running regularly in the mornings and I even did a couple of organised fun-runs. It’s hard to believe now but at my fittest I was running 7km a couple of times a week and it would take be about an hour. On Monday night I went to Zumba! It was terrific! I’ve always loved dancing so this combines dance with fitness and it’s really good fun but I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it! I went again on Thursday night and intend on keeping it going for as long as we can afford it.

Poor Nicholas had a little delicate issue this week. On Tues night after a shower he told me his willie was sore. I looked at it and it was red and swollen a bit with a yucky discharge coming out. A couple of phone calls worked out it wasn’t too urgent and I could take him to the doctor’s the next day. I’m really lucky as Mum and Dad didn’t have anything on so they came around and in the morning to look after him and take him to the doctor’s at around 11am. I dropped Andrew off to daycare on my way to work and as we walking in one of the kids called out to Andrew from the playground “Where’s Nicholas?” and Andrew yelled back at the top of his lungs “He’s got a sore willie! Nana and Pa are taking him to the doctor’s!” So everyone in the whole playground knew 🙂 It was really funny. In any case, Mum said he was extremely well behaved at the doctor’s and got some antibiotics. It’s called ‘balanitis’ and is inflammation of the glans in the penis which just happens in uncircumcised boys sometimes, and gets infected. It’s pretty much all better today.

Andrew’s got a cough but ventolin helps. He’s gone to spend the day at Nana and Pa’s so he’s very happy. Speaking of which I better go and pick him up!