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Has it been that long?

WOW! It has been a long time between posts.

I was just reading back over the last few posts we did in 2008 and realised how great this blog idea is to keep track of your kids achievements. Now I’ve missed a couple of years so think it’s time I started doing this again.

So, I think that going back over the last 2 missing years would take forever but there have been a couple of incidents of note.

The first one that comes to mind is when Andrew fell over in the back yard and knocked his forehead on the corner of a brick in July 2009. It was quite an open wound which bled a lot and we had to call the ambulance. He had 3 stitches and has a great scar to prove it. He was very brave the whole time and we learnt a lot of lessons through that whole process. It was the end of a bad week for him as he’d only been in hospital a few days earlier with breathing problems. We discovered that he has mild asthma and it can get particularly bad when he gets a chest infection. He had to be put on steroids for a few days and have ventolin every day for a while. Now he has a preventative ventolin that he takes every day and normal ventolin when he’s unwell. Generally he’s fine though.

Not wanting to miss out, Nicholas also had a ride in an ambulance a month later in August 2009. He’d spiked a temperature during the afternoon and after I’d given him some nurofen I’d put both him and Andrew in a luke warm bath to try and bring it down. Then while he was in there he had a febrile seizure. Luckily Daniel was right with him and got him out straight away. We called the ambulance and they were there pretty quick. He was unconscious the whole way to the hospital but woke up just as we got there. It was the most frightening thing that’s ever happened to either of my kids. Even though Andrew’s cut to the head was scary I could see straight away that he was alright and wasn’t concussed or anything. With Nick not responding and fitting for a few moments I was really at a loss what I could do. Thankfully, I’ve discovered I stay calm in a crisis. I was all about getting everything ready in case we had to stay in the hospital for any length of time. Making sure he had his favourite blankie, packing spare clothes, making sure I had my wallet with everything I needed. Quite proud of myself really. Of course, I broke down later and had a good ol’ cry.

Another major event to happen was my Mum and Dad moving to Brisbane earlier this year. They moved 10 minutes up the road from us to a lovely retirement village for over 60s and they’re loving it! And so are we! They’ve been terrific looking after the kids for us on many occasions or just coming over for a bbq together. The kids absolutely adore spending time with them and Andrew particularly loves going to their house for a sleep-over. Of course, Mum and Dad have lives too, it’s not all about us! The village they live in has many facilities including a gym, pool, library, cafe, pool table and bar. They’ve been involved with organising many social events and Dad often works behind the bar during happy hour which they have 2 nights a week. They are the happiest I’ve ever seen them!

Speaking of moving, we also moved house a few months ago. We only moved to the next suburb but we’ve managed to get the house of our dreams! It has 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, a kids play room, double lock up garage and covered entertaining area. Before we moved in we managed to get the interior painted throughout and it looks brand new! We love it! We’ve had some work done on the garden and so that’s looking heaps better too as it was a bit overgrown. One of the things we love most is our new master bedroom – it’s huge!!! And the en-suite has more cupboards than any bathroom I’ve ever seen. The kids play room is meant to be a formal dining room so it’s right near the kitchen so I can see them all the time. It’s lovely to let them make a mess and not worry about having to tidy it every night. At our old place the toys were always in the living room so at night I’d always want to put them away so I wouldn’t trip over them. Another thing we love about this house it that the kids bedrooms are at the back of the house and the formal living room is at the front. This means we can entertain or watch a movie without disturbing them at night. I’d say that Daniel’s favourite things in the new house are the 60” TV and 4 seater reclining cinema style chairs in that room. It’s our only little Gold Class cinema and I must say, it’s one of my favourite places too.

So, have I bored you all to pieces yet? I’ll just mention a few things that are happening right now.

Andrew started soccer lessons on Saturdays and loves it! He’s actually doing really well at dribbling and I’m very proud of the way he listens to what the instructor has to say. We’ve also managed to get him in to the local Catholic School which is just around the corner from our new house. He had an orientation morning last week and thought it was great. Hopefully he’ll think that when it’s time to start for real next year.

Nicholas is doing well too. We’ve finally managed to toilet train him – very trying time for us all. Just before his 3rd birthday we mostly had wees down, but it’s taken a little longer for poos. Seems pretty good now – fingers crossed it stays that way.

Ten interesting things about Nick:
1. He likes to sleep with his blankie and his thumb in his mouth.
2. He only puts his thumb in his mouth when he has blankie.
3. He loves a bit of rough and tumble – especially with his big brother.
4. He loves ABC Kids TV, including shows like Chuggington, Waybaloos, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Poko.
5. He loves anything his brother loves, including Lightning McQueen and all things ‘Cars’, Batman, Spiderman, any superhero in fact.
6. He loves having a bounce on their trampoline or running around and playing soccer.
7. He loves doing jigsaw puzzles. His favourites are Chuggington 30 piece ones he got for his birthday a couple of months ago.
8. He has a very infectious giggle.
9. He doesn’t eat bread. Very frustrating! Have to give him left-overs for lunch.
10. His favourite dinner is either McDonald’s nuggets and chips or Spaghetti Bol.

Ten interesting things about Andrew:
1. He still sucks his middle two fingers on his right hand – has done since he was a baby. Usually only when he’s tired.
2. He still loves anything ‘Cars’ although he has moved on from the movie a bit.
3. His favourite movies now are the Ice Age movies – all of them. He loves quoting lines Sid says.
4. He’s very interested in dinosaurs and knows many of their names.
5. He loves sitting down and having one-on-one time with adults. Playing board games, puzzles, drawing, colouring, writing.
6. He can write his name and recognises all of the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 100.
7. He loves doing little sums like 2 + 2 = 4 or 4 + 5 = 9.
8. He loves going to stay at Nana and Pa’s house.
9. His favourite dinner is the same at Nick’s but he loves chicken curry and rice too.
10. He loves jigsaw puzzles too and he can do a 78 piece one that lives at Nana’s house.

Well, I think that’s enough for today. Bit of a catch up and will make more of an effort to keep it up to date now.


House Pregnancy

Shock! Horror! Jules writes a post!

Well, don’t all die of shock, but I thought I should probably write a post about a certain baby I’m going to have soon – seeing as the blog is called Daniel and Julia’s Baby Blog.

Daniel has been doing a great job of keeping you up to date on all the renovations that have been going on. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank him from the bottom of my heart for doing so much work on it himself. Yes, builders did all the tricky stuff but he’s done nearly all the painting and he’s done a terrific job. However, on reading his blogs I did notice that he conveniently left out that I have been helping a bit. I rollered a lot of the undercoat and did all the cutting in for one of the colour coats (don’t tell anyone I was up and down the ladder – not really supposed to do that when you’re this pregnant). Anyway, I’m sure he meant to say ‘Missy has been a big help and I couldn’t have done it without her’ but he’s been so busy it just slipped his mind.

And the poor bugger really has been busy. He started TAFE again for this semester a few weeks ago so is studying 4 nights a week – thankfully only Monday night is actually at TAFE and the rest from home. When he was first enrolling it looked like he might be out 4 nights a week to study which both of us thought would be a bit much – what with a new baby on the way, me still working full-time until the end of August, Andrew to look after, not to mention Daniel himself working full-time. Luckily he is able to do 3 of them online so he’s able to come home from work, have dinner, help me with Andrew and then study. This is the routine on Tues, Wed and Thurs, and then he’s usually able to have Friday nights and the weekend off. Unfortunately, with deadlines for painting needing to be finished he’s a bit out of whack this week so is having to put in some hours tonight. I said I was only going to nag him once but when I looked over 15 minutes later and he still wasn’t studying I said something and that was a mistake! Going to keep my mouth shut now.

We are all really tired at the moment too. Andrew’s not been well for a few days and his coughing is waking us all in the middle of the night. Yesterday I got the call from daycare saying he wasn’t well and went to pick him up early and Daniel stayed home with him today. We had the doctor out last night and he confirmed it was probably the flu virus and to keep his fluids up and keep an eye on his temperature. If he gets worse or starts getting fevers to get him checked again. Daniel said Andrew’s been pretty good today – didn’t eat a whole lot during the day but had a big bowl of Daddy’s spag bol tonight, and has been drinking a lot of water or diluted juice. He’s been pretty happy though which makes it easier. It was 27 and sunny today so Daniel took him down to the park at the end of the street this afternoon and he didn’t want to come home – he was having too much fun!

Oh yeah, and I’m pregnant! I’m actually almost 33 weeks which is a bit scary. I just looked at the last pic that Daniel posted of me at 24 weeks and I don’t look that different so can’t be bothered getting him to take another one. Just look at that one and imagine I’m a bit bigger and a lot more tired. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve really been feeling heavy – particularly today, I feel like a whale! I’m at that stage where it’s hard to get comfy anywhere – laying down, sitting up, standing – grrrr! Sleeping has been a bit of an issue and I’ve just tried bringing an extra pillow in bed to put under my tummy when I lay on my side. So far that hasn’t really helped and gets chucked out half-way through the night. And, of course, there’s the 3.30am toilet trip too – not so much fun when it’s bloody cold at night at the moment. But other than that I’m doing great! This baby is extremely active and just loves kicking mumma in the ribs, but obviously that means it’s very healthy. All my check-ups so far have been great and my GP loves taking my blood pressure as it’s always nice and low. I have my next GP appointment in a week and a half and then see a doctor at the hospital 2 weeks later where hopefully he will tell me which day this bub is coming out. I’m not sure whether Daniel may have said in a previous post, but this time I’m having a Caesarian due to complications that happened last time. It is optional, but they said that there is a slightly higher chance of similar things happening to last time if I have a natural birth and that could cause long-term problems for me. Daniel and I are both happy with this decision as the recovery is much more predictable from a Caesar than what I went through last time. Not being able to sit comfortably for over 6 months due to a broken tailbone was extremely difficult – like breast-feeding isn’t hard enough to begin with!

Anyway, think this post might be long enough now as you’ve all probably fallen asleep reading it. It has certainly worn me out writing it so I’m off to bed to read Harry Potter. I might even post again before the baby comes – maybe…




Painting and Flooring!

At last, the inside is almost complete! The painting was finished on Tuesday night (I officially hate enamel paint), and the flooring was put down today.

Enough blathering from me – I know you want to see the pics!




This is that step I was so worried about doing myself. In hindsight it might not have been too bad, but it would have taken me most of a weekend to do, where the flooring guy did it in a matter of hours:

Good thing the paint’s dry!

Still a few things left to go for inside:

  • Blinds for the windows
  • Moving all the office gear in
  • Sorting out a storage solution

From there we still have to paint outside and harass the carport guy until he gives us a start date (strangely enough the carport guy and flooring guy are both Pauls, and both have been difficult to reach lately).

Will keep you posted!




Nearly there now!

Sorry – I don’t have any pictures, but wanted to give a quick update, as it’s been a couple of weeks.

I spent the last couple of weekends painting (what fun!) and, apart from one last coat of enamel on the door, the painting’s finished. The only thing left to do is the flooring, which is getting installed on Thursday.

I suppose there’s one more thing to do – apart from actually moving in – get some blinds! We’ll most likely get similar ones to the rest of the house. Haven’t decided where we’ll get them from yet, though.

I promise I’ll get some more pics soon. Most likely after the flooring goes down.




Renovations – Day 8

It was the builders’ last day today, which means all the skirting has been installed. Now all I have to do is:

  1. Clean all the plaster dust
  2. Fill all the nail holes
  3. Paint
  4. Organise the flooring

Almost sounds too easy… Wink

Here are some pics! Not too much to describe, really. Just check out the skirting!