In Search of an Early Night

I really need an early night. I’ve needed an early night for a couple of weeks now but it still eludes me!

It’s pretty much all my fault though. I’m too easily distract… ooh look, something shiny! (Oldie, but a goodie). Usually it’s the computer that keeps me from getting to bed when I need to but sometimes it’s the boys. My aim is to get to bed one night before 10pm and then be asleep about 10.30pm. These are the events of the last few nights:

Friday: Barbershop friends around for a great night watching old competition stuff and having a quiet drink. I had to kick them out after midnight. Asleep about 1am I think.
Saturday: Finally get a night to watch tv with my husband. Had been waiting for a 2 hour block to watch first ep of ‘Sherlock’. Didn’t get around to putting it on until nearly 8.30pm so not to bed until after 11pm (distracted by computer on way to bed).
Sunday: Fantastic day down the Gold Coast culminating in boys going Trick or Treating with American friends. Didn’t leave Coast until 8.30pm so didn’t get home until 9.30pm. By time unpacked beach stuff and checked email and facebook (do you see a pattern forming here?) was after 10.30pm again.
Monday: After watching gorgeous Simon Baker in ‘The Mentalist’ finishing at 9.30pm I think I might get to bed before 10pm – I’ll just check my email! Ooh – exciting news from friend! I’ll just reply quickly and check facebook – boom! It’s 10.45!!! How did that happen?
Tuesday: Watch ‘Your Gen’ and then catch up on ‘Offspring’ that I missed on Sunday. Finally get to bed before 10pm. Turn light out at 10.20pm. Awesome! Might actually be asleep… (10.40pm – insert toddler crying noise here). Are you kidding me? Nick’s woken up with a sore tummy. Spend next 20 minutes cuddling/patting/soothing. Back to bed at 11pm, cranky! Took quite a long time to calm myself down and get to sleep.
Wednesday: Daniel studying again so end up watching the cricket (Australia are such losers!) and going backwards and forwards to the computer. Watch an ep of Modern Family with husband and get to bed before 10pm! Woo hoo! Maybe tonight. Read until 10.20pm and about to turn out light when (insert police car siren noise here). What the…? Look outside and there’s an unmarked cop car outside our house pulled over a red sporty looking car. Watch sneakily through the blinds as cops ask 3 guys to get out of car while they search it – presumably for drugs or weapons we suppose. Cops don’t find anything and let guys go. Weird. Didn’t think we lived in that sort of street! Now after 10.30pm and need to read some more to settle down. Light out at 11pm – grrrrr!
Thursday (tonight): It’s 9.40pm and I’ve just finished this blog so I’m off! Will let you if I get that elusive early night finally!