37 week photo (but she’s really 38 weeks!)

As promised in my last post, here’s a pic of the 37-weeks-pregnant lady:

Isn’t she gorgeous!

She’s actually more like 38 weeks now, but we took this last week.

As mentioned in her post, she’s getting a bit uncomfortable now. It’s also starting to warm up a bit more up here (will probably be a really hot summer this year), so our A/C will be getting a good workout this year.

We’ve been clearing out the nursery a bit more today. Packed away three boxes of books which will go in the shed, and have found homes for most of the new ‘baby shower’ toys.

I got some other exciting news last night, too – our good friends Matt & Kirsten are getting married (possibly next year) and last night Matt asked me if I would be his best man! It was definitely a bit of a surprise, but I’d been secretly hoping that he might ask for a while now. So.. looks like I’ll get a chance to recycle all the comedy gold that I used at Adrian’s wedding. I hope Matt realises what he’s let himself in for.