19wk Scan

On the 1st of May Julia had an appointment with the strangely named ‘Savage Xray’ for her 18-20 week scan. We scored a 3D scan this time which looks a little weird as Lump had it’s hand on it’s head most of the time:

3d scan of 'Lump'

The big question now is ‘did we find out the sex of the baby’? Well, we thought about it but decided in the end to keep it a surprise. We figure that we’re already prepared if Lump ends up being a boy, and if Lump turns out to be a girl then all we really need is to throw a few white body suits in the wash with some red socks and we’re all set. 🙂

The only new piece of information from the scan is that everything looks fine (which was confirmed at Jules’ follow-up appointment at the hospital last week) and that the due date is more like the 25th of September instead of the 21st.