Been a while

It’s been a long time between updates.  I’ve just upgraded my installation of WordPress to the latest version in the hope that it’ll inspire me to get back into updating this blog again. While you’re all waiting for inspiration to strike, how about a couple of portraits of Andrew and Nicholas? TTFN //Daniel//

Andrew Update

Although there are quite a few posts about Andrew, I thought it might be nice for you all to read about a typical day in Andrew’s life: Get up about 6.30am (well, yells out until one of us comes and gets him. He can get out of bed himself but always waits until we come… Continue reading Andrew Update

Andrew Singing

Well, we always hoped our kids would be musical so we expose them to a huge range of musical styles. Unfortunately we can’t choose which stuff they actually like. We always have the radio on in the car and it’s usually on B105 or Nova 106.9 which play top 40 stuff mostly. Andrew loves singing… Continue reading Andrew Singing

What a memory!

Daniel and I have often marveled at Andrew’s memory; he seems to remember impossible things! Tonight he gave us a prime example. Sitting on the little bookshelf in Nick’s room beside the change table there was a little gift bag that has been there for 5 months. It was one of those things I put… Continue reading What a memory!