Daniel and I have been trying to lose our ‘winter coat’ this week. We’ve both put on a few kilos over the last few months so we’ve really been trying and watching our calorie intake this week. Dan’s been making healthy salads for lunch and we’ve been back to basics with our weekly menu plan. I’ve also started getting up early and going for a walk a few days a week. I get up a bit before 6am and walk for about half hour at a good pace. Then on Wednesday I’ve got about half way and decided to run up the little hill, which I managed to do without dying so ran the rest of the way home. It felt really good! About a year and a half ago I was running regularly in the mornings and I even did a couple of organised fun-runs. It’s hard to believe now but at my fittest I was running 7km a couple of times a week and it would take be about an hour. On Monday night I went to Zumba! It was terrific! I’ve always loved dancing so this combines dance with fitness and it’s really good fun but I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it! I went again on Thursday night and intend on keeping it going for as long as we can afford it.

Poor Nicholas had a little delicate issue this week. On Tues night after a shower he told me his willie was sore. I looked at it and it was red and swollen a bit with a yucky discharge coming out. A couple of phone calls worked out it wasn’t too urgent and I could take him to the doctor’s the next day. I’m really lucky as Mum and Dad didn’t have anything on so they came around and in the morning to look after him and take him to the doctor’s at around 11am. I dropped Andrew off to daycare on my way to work and as we walking in one of the kids called out to Andrew from the playground “Where’s Nicholas?” and Andrew yelled back at the top of his lungs “He’s got a sore willie! Nana and Pa are taking him to the doctor’s!” So everyone in the whole playground knew 🙂 It was really funny. In any case, Mum said he was extremely well behaved at the doctor’s and got some antibiotics. It’s called ‘balanitis’ and is inflammation of the glans in the penis which just happens in uncircumcised boys sometimes, and gets infected. It’s pretty much all better today.

Andrew’s got a cough but ventolin helps. He’s gone to spend the day at Nana and Pa’s so he’s very happy. Speaking of which I better go and pick him up!