Toilet trained overnight

It feels like we’ve been toilet training Nick forever! He started going for a wee in the toilet when he was nearly 2 1/2 years old and did well at daycare but was often having accidents at home, and there were lots of accidents with poos which I just don’t handle well at all! Anyway, not long before he his thrid birthday we could say he was toilet trained with the occasional accident and just wore a nappy at night time. Yesterday the boys had an early bath so after it I put the boys summer jammies on with just undies on Nick. I was planning on putting his nappy on him when he went to bed but totally forgot! Then I didn’t realise he’d had undies on all night and for an hour this morning until I went to get him dressed in his swimmers ready for their swimming lesson. I couldn’t believe it! He had not had an accident at all! I checked his bed too but everything was dry and didn’t smell at all and he did a huge wee in the toilet. I’m going to try it again tonight and see how we go. Andrew only took a couple of months to go from being toilet trained to going overnight without an accident too so maybe this is going to work!

Hope so!