Andrew’s first day at School

Andrew had his first day at school today – although it was really only a couple of hours. St Joseph’s really likes to ease them in to it – and I mean reeeeeeeeeeeally ease them in. Today he was only there from 9am until about 10.30am but he wanted to wear his school uniform anyway so tooks some pics before we left this morning and then a couple at school. There’s one of his school bag and hat in his locker – or ‘port rack’ as it is also called up here, and another of him looking in his classroom window – bit cute. The kids all got sent off to one classroom and all the parents to another one. We were then given the run-down on times for pick up and drop off and when lunch and snack times were etc.

Nick has been to daycare the last couple of days and I have taken Andrew along to say goodbye so he understands what happening. Had a few tears from Nick yesterday but he was all good this morning so hopefully we won’t have too much trouble next week when it’s all full-on.

Andrew’s not back to school again until Friday and then only from 8.30 – midday. Nick will walk with us up to school that day and see where Andrew’s going so hopefully that will help him understand what’s happening too.

So, all good so far.