Andrew’s first ‘concert’ and other bits

On Thursdays Andrew has music with Mrs Sweetman at school. Last week she asked if anyone could play something on the piano and Andrew shot his hand straight in the air “so fast” that Mrs Sweetman chose him. He then proceeded to play Twinkle Twinkle in front of his whole class and at the end they all clapped and Mrs Sweetman said that it was terrific! When Andrew was telling me about this at the end of the day I asked him how it made him feel when everybody clapped for him, and he said “I was so happy that I got watery eyes.” That made me so happy that I got watery eyes. I was just so proud of him that he was willing to get up and do that in front of his whole class. I guess he’s adjusting pretty well to life at school.

In something totally unrelated, I noticed recently that Andrew has stopped sucking his fingers when he’s sitting around. I’ve only occasionally heard it when he’s trying to go to sleep. Another thing that school has helped with I think and also he’s probably just growing out of it.

Speaking of growing, Andrew also surprised me last weekend when he saw some older boys from down the road playing handball on the street. He asked if it was ok to go and talk to them. I said yes and went with him at first. After introductions were made Andrew was invited to play with them so I reluctantly left him to it and kept an eye on him from the garage. The boys were very nice and included him so I wasn’t worried about that, just the fact that it was on the road! We do live in a quiet street and they were very quick at getting off the road when a car came, but it was one of those moments when I realise just how much he’s grown.

Nothing much new with Nicholas, except he’s started putting his fingers in his mouth a lot and talking to us with them still in there. I really don’t like this and I can’t understand him when he does it so I’m getting very sick of saying “Take those fingers out of your mouth!” Hopefully persistance will pay off. He’s also had a couple of days again this week where he really hasn’t wanted to go to daycare and I had to leave him crying one day, which really makes me sad. However, he also becoming quite independant. He likes to get dressed by himself all the time now and get his own cup and bowl and cereal out. Very cute!